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The top 5 most popular water sports in Graz

Here are the trends and new discoveries of the Water Sports Graz.

Besides the Mur bays, Graz offers many swimming pools where you can easily train for swimming and competitive swimming. For those who like to be outdoors, the Straßganger Bad is recommended, as the pool is fed by a natural water supply. Those who need it rather quieter in a city like Graz are rather well off during the week in the Bad zur Sonne. But of course, everyone can choose their favourite bath in Graz - here is a small selection.

  • Augartenbad Graz
  • Margaretenbad
  • Straßganger Bad
  • Stukitzbad
  • Auster Sport- und Wellnessbad
  • Ragnitzbad
  • Bad zur Sonne
Schwimmen Graz

No water sport has registered greater growth in Graz than SUP. The waters in Graz are the perfect place for SUP tours. In addition to simple paddling, this sport also offers plenty of room for variations. For example, SUP yoga is offered in Graz or special tours i SUNSET or Steckerlfisch and also "SUP with dog" with your four-legged companion.p>

Courses and tours for StandUpPaddling in flowing water are also possible and offered on the river Mur.

In Auwiesen and at the city beach Grünanger there is a rental for StandUpPaddleboards and water spotting devices.
Wassersport Graz Stand Up Paddling

The trend kayaking is also experiencing a real boom. Styria with its many rivers offers an ideal place for experienced athletes. In Graz, the best place to start is the bay in Auwiesen. Here, advanced paddlers as well as beginners can rent a kayak at any time. The quiet entry point is ideal to break in your new kayak or to test a rented kayak.
Kakjak Graz

Since a few years there is a rowing club at the Mur Prommende in the Murfeldergasse where you can rent boats or learn how to row.

Rudern Graz

The latest trend offered as a unique attraction since autumn 2020 are eFoil surfboards.

With electrically powered hydrofoil boards, you float just under a meter at 25 km/h over the water. A breathtaking feeling.
eFoil Wassersport Graz